Management is Optional

If its the question of if Management, in any fields, is an absolute necessity, then the answer would be No, absolutely not. Every project in life gets done eventually without proper management . The need for management arises when constraints are imposed. The constrains can be any or all of the following
  • Limited Time
  • Limited Budget
  • Minimal acceptance criteria
  • Expected Quality
For instance, you will learn organic chemistry one day, if you keep on studying it little by little whenever you feel like. But preparing for an exam on organic chemistry takes an all together different commitment. In later case, you will manage your time.

Everything in life is a project if it takes more than one tasks to complete. Whether it's hunting for that particular pair of binoculars or organizing a picnic. If it there are constraints, then Management is the answer. No wonder they say, Plan your holidays properly.

- Sameer Siddhanti

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