Why do projects fail?

This above title has some what become cliché to sell your mantra to the Desperate & Thoroughly Confused. But in reality, when viewed objectively one can make out from the very beginning of the project that there were signs of failing. At least there was one person who knew it all, all the while.
Is it Abilene Paradox or the 80-20 Principle, one might wonder. But in most of the cases, it is both.
Many tends to 'Agree' in stead of Confronting.
Many fail to differentiate between 'Person giving the Idea' from the 'Idea' itself.

Here are a few tips to avoid that "Master of Failed Project" trophy:
1. During initiation of the Project - Be realistic about the "Uncertainty of the Feasibility"
2. During Planning - Be realistic about the "Uncertainty of the Estimates".
During Executing, Monitoring and Controlling -
3. Be assertive and open to circulate "Impact Document" for each requested scope changes.
4. Be clear about the expectations and communicate clearly.
5. Weekly monitor and apply corrective and preventive actions.

I have used weekly considering that the project is longer than a week. Will this ensure project success? May not, however you know where you are heading much before...

And the answer to the title of this article - Most projects fails because the goals may be unrealistic. Follow the simple 5 point test chart to examine your project objectives.

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